Highest Payout Slot Machines

I have worked for a long time in companies that create sites with reviews of online casinos. I can say with confidence that the writers who write content for these sites have never even registered with any casino. I decided to fix this and therefore launched this small project. I will try to spend money in random slots every day to make my personal rating and show you how much we can win. Also you will find comprehensive information about RTP, slots volatility and so on. Subscribe and stay tuned!

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December 18 – Raven Rising Slot

Slot Machines With the Best Odds of Winning

Two words about how this rating forming. I’m spending 10 dollars in a random slot everyday, if there was a chance to withdraw at least x2 from my deposit, I`m adding the slot to this table with the information about how much I was able to take. If I made more than 100$ then I take the amount and add “Big Win’ in my table 🙂 you may click on the slot`s name and watch how it was.

Slot NameSoftwarePossible Payout
Big Bass BonanzaPragmatic Play66$
Desert TreasureBGaming74$
Sakura Fortune SlotQuickspin20$
Golden Fish Tank 2 SlotYggdrasil Gaming24$
Dwarfs Fortune SlotWazdan21$

Entertainment is the key priority for all slot lovers at a casino. However, it doesn’t hurt to win big while also having fun. When you find the slot machines with the highest percentage of payout, you can expect bigger jackpots. Let me keep exploring more about the concept of payout percentages from slots.

What are Slot Payout Percentages?

The slot payout percentage refers to the amount of money that players get back from slots in the form of winnings against the amount they have wagered. But you should know that the payout percentage is calculated on average. The payout percentage does not reveal how much a player can win from one or, for that matter, hundred spins.

But with more spins, a player gets closer to the payout percentage of a slot. A high payout works in favor of the players. Therefore, players should focus on finding the highest payout slot machines.

Suppose your favorite slot in an online casino has a payout percentage of 95%. Now, you are placing a $20 bet on that slot. On average, the slot will offer a return of $10 to players.

Casinos usually develop an advantage in the game rules to gain profits. It is reflected in the payout percentage of all casino games and not just slots. But once again, it’s crucial to focus on the fact that it is average.

In a single session, players always have the potential to hit the jackpot. Similarly, players might also be on a streak of poor luck. People love slots because they always have the opportunity to reach the maximum payout percentage with one big win.

How to Find the Payout Percentage on Slot Machines

You should always be aware of the payout percentage, irrespective of whether you are playing slots at a brick-and-mortar or online casino. Keep scrolling to get familiar with figuring out the payout percentage of slot machines at any casino.

Online Slots

If you want to find the highest percentage payout slot machines at online casinos, you should focus on RTP. You will often find the RTP on the rules or information page of the slot. The RTP for individual slots is also enlisted on the online casino or game developer’s website.

A quick Google search will usually help you easily find the RTP of an online slot. If you are unable to find the RTP of a game by any means, the customer support team of a casino is your last resort. Reaching out to the customer support team via live chat, phone, or email can be quite useful for finding the RTP or payout percentage of a slot.

Online casinos have lower overhead costs, and an unlimited number of gamblers can play one slot at the same time. Therefore, they are able to offer a much higher payout percentage or RTP than land-based ones. Online casinos often have payout percentages over 90%, which is quite difficult to find in real life.

Slot Machines in Land-Based Casinos

The payout percentage of slot machines usually depends on how it’s programmed. Land-based casinos and game developers often don’t reveal the payout percentage of particular machines to make things slick. But players can determine the best payout slot machines at offline casinos using different methods.

You can trust other players to reveal the payout percentage of slots at land-based casinos. Several forums and resources are available for bettors to figure out payout percentages, and a simple Google search will provide you with the information that you are seeking. The geographical location also tells a lot about the payouts from slots.

In the US, casinos need to have a minimum payout percentage, according to the regulatory bodies in that region. The payout percentage in the US is different according to the particular state, but it isn’t usually below 80%. The payout percentage also depends on your betting amount, and the more you bet, the higher your winnings will be.  

Return-to-Player (RTP)

The payout percentage is also referred to as the RTP. It helps you understand how much players can get back after wagering a certain amount on a slot. RTP is measured in percentage, and 100 refers to an even-money game with no advantage for the casino.

You always need to reveal that the RTP is only a statistical average. The results on a slot machine will be closer to the RTP with a large sample size of spins on a particular game. The RTP percentage does not guarantee winnings, but playing on machines with a high RTP is always prudent.

The House Edge

The house edge is nothing but the RTP and a payout percentage of a slot. It refers to the statistical advantage of a casino, and it’s usually incorporated right into the rules of the game. The house will have the edge over almost every bet placed in a casino.

But the size of the house will depend on the particular game. The house edge on the same game might also be different according to the bets placed. The house edge refers to the average percentage of a bet that will be kept by a casino.

Suppose you have chosen a game with a payout percentage of 95%. In that case, the house will have an edge of 5%. The house edge on some games at a casino is as follows:

GameHouse Edge
Single deck blackjack1.5%
Odds bet craps0%
European wheel roulette2.7%

Variance in Slots

Even while talking about the top-paying slots, variance remains an important topic of discussion. Variance can also be referred to as payout frequency or volatility. It reveals how frequently a slot offers jackpots and the size of the winnings. The three types of variance in slot games are as follows:

  • High variance slot games: Players don’t frequently win on these slots. But when they pay out, they usually allow players to win a huge amount.
  • Medium variance slot games: Players can win at these games quite frequently. The payouts can range from small tokens to large jackpots.
  • Low variance slot games: Players can land wins on these slot machines quite frequently. However, they are not known to offer a huge payout.

The volatility of slots is usually not revealed on the pay table. But players will be able to access volatility information online. They can also try demo versions of the games to figure out the volatility themselves.

To find the volatility of free versions of games, players need to make 100 spins on the reels and record the wins they get. Suppose you triggered the paylines frequently but did not end up with an amount not any more than two times the original stake. In that case, the slot games have a low variance.

But you will understand that it’s a high variance slot when your findings are the opposite. The penny slots and games with small jackpots like Quick Hit usually have low variances. But a majority of progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah are high variance, and it is not something unusual because they are the best payout slots. 

Loosest Slot Machines

The difference between loose and tight slot machines is the payout percentage. Loose slot machines pay out a higher percentage more frequently. The looser a particular slot is, it is more advantageous for players.

Besides RTP, the hit frequency is another factor that determines whether a slot is loose or tight. The hit frequency percentage shows the likeliness of every spin to provide a winning outcome for players. Any slot with a hit frequency of 20% usually offers one winning combination out of five spins on average.

How to Find Loose Slot Machines

The internet is the best place to find loose slot machines. The best odds on slots are found at online casinos because their overhead costs are much lower than brick-and-mortar casinos. But players are also aware of certain theories to find the loosest slot games in land-based casinos.

Several players believe that the loosest slots are usually found in the most visible areas in a casino. The reason behind this is that the house wants new players to see people winning and get influenced to play at the casinos. Slots near cash redemption machines also come with the best payouts.

Players cashing out will see others winning and get lured back to the games. The same theory also believes that the slots near shows and the buffet don’t have high RTPs. Casinos know that people near these sections are only killing time while waiting and don’t want to play for a long time.

Slot Machine Payouts in the Different US States

We already know that almost every state has a minimum and maximum payout percentage for every casino to follow. Casinos often reveal their average payout percentage from all the gambling machines. These numbers are useful for figuring out the slot machines with the best odds in different states.

Here’s some information about the RTP from slots in different states:

  • Florida: The minimum payout percentage at all Florida casinos should be 85%. The average payout percentage from casinos in the state range from 90.91% to 93.55%.
  • Indiana: The average payout percentage at Indiana casinos ranges from 89.83% to 91.61%.
  • Nevada: The state has casinos with the highest payouts. The highest payout percentage at a Nevada casino is 95.8%.
  • Oklahoma: Casinos in the state are not required to reveal their payout percentages. They also don’t have a minimum RTP that casinos are bound to follow. Due to this reason, Oklahoma has some of the tightest casinos.
  • Atlantic City: The payout percentage of casinos in this area ranges from 90.5% to 91.7%.

The Thrill of Progressive Jackpots

The ability to win life-changing jackpots is one of the reasons why people love slots. Even though winning a progressive jackpot is not something that happens to you every day, dreaming about the millions is pretty tempting. Progressive jackpots remove a small amount from every bet and add it to the growing prize pool until someone wins it.

Progressive jackpots might not be the slot machines with the best odds. But the progressive jackpots also offer several smaller prizes besides the main jackpot.  

Wrapping up

Slot machines are one of the most exciting games in a casino. Remember to choose slot machines with the best payouts to increase your winnings and have a thrilling casino experience. Good luck gambling!


What percentage do slots payout?

The percentage paid out by slots depends on the return to player rate of individual titles. The payouts from online slots range between 74% to 99%.

What slot machines have the highest payout percentage?

The Ugga Bugga slot has one of the highest payout percentages of 99.07%. Mega Joker by NetEnt lands in the second position with an RTP of 99%. Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick and Starmania by NextGen are also some of the best paying slots, with payout percentages of 98.6% and 97.87%, respectively.

Can casinos control slot machine payouts?

Slot machines have a chip that controls their payout percentages, and casinos are responsible for operating these chips on computer systems. Casinos control the slot payout percentages by adjusting the RTP. However, independent gambling authorities constantly inspect and regulate it to ensure fairness.

Is it better to bet max on slot machines?

If you can afford it, placing the maximum bet on slot machines is always a good thing. Slot payouts are always high when the maximum bet is placed instead of the minimum. It results in a bigger jackpot for players when they end on a winning payline.